Contacts for Kopex Africa

After Sales

To ensure customer downtime is kept to a minimum our team of Service Engineers provides a 24hr seven day per week backup for breakdown requirements.

On site service, installation, and audits of all types of flameproof equipment is also carried out by the service team. Each one certificated by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Commissioning of equipment is also carried out by the service team thereby providing customers with the assurance that equipment performs to standard as all work is done by fully trained and experienced personnel.

When Audits of customer installations are carried out by the service team follow up action plans are instituted whereby the discovery of any defects, non standard equipment or system degradation can be speedily rectified.


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Customer training

Training for customer personnel is provided by experienced staff for all equipment and can be carried out on site, at customer premises or our own facility.     


Kopex Africa (Pty) Ltd is certified by the SABS under the statuary “Mark Scheme” for Flameproof Equipment for the manufacture and repair of flameproof apparatus. 

Repairs to all types of flameproof and non-flameproof switchgear and transformers is carried out at our own premises by trained personnel to the latest IEC standards. Final testing and inspection is carried out by staff that is also certificated by the South African Bureau of Standards or other certification establishment. 


Specifications and designs are drawn up by our Engineering Department where input is gained from manufacturing, repair and service personnel to provide the customer with the most effective, practical and economic solutions to specific requirements or problems.

The most accepted modifications is the installation of the SMS Relay system that can now be installed in almost any type of flameproof and non flameproof equipment currently in use. This modification gives customers the most up to date technology available for their supply and distribution schemes by utilising what would otherwise be out dated and unsuitable equipment.

All design drawings and test samples for modified equipment are presented to the SABS or other certification authority to be certified for use in the hazardous location for which it is to be used.

A copy of the test report and certificate is given to the customer for each type of equipment supplied.  

Research & Development

Kopex Africa (Pty) Ltd has a strong commitment to R&D with respect to its products and with new innovations. As an example, Kopex Africa (Pty) Ltd has completed a major development project to produce an advanced motor protection and monitoring relay (called the SMS Relay). Although initially intended for the local and international coal mining industry, the SMS relay has applications industry-wide due to its superior features. The SMS relay has been designed, developed and manufactured in South Africa to a specification drawn up by a team from all our group companies to meet the stringent standards required by international markets.


Turnkey electrical projects are undertaken from the installation of a single specialised drive to the installation of the reticulation for a complete system, including design to customer requirements.

Examples include equipment that has been designed and manufactured for a joint venture between the CSIR and Anglo Platinum for a pilot project at their Rustenburg Platinum’s Townsend operation. Non-flameproof equipment has also been designed and manufactured for a production section of Anglo Platinum’s Rasimone mine.

Flameproof Control Stations have also been supplied to two platinum refinery plants.